Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Rebelution Book Bomb!

Start Here - Amazon Book Bomb

Alex and Brett Harris, the founders of the Rebelution and the authors of Do Hard Things, have written another book! Start Here is a companion to their first book, a sort of field guide to the ideas and challenges of the Rebelution movement. It will answer questions, inspire dreams, and help those dreams become realities. It's also full of stories of regular teens who rose above the everyday expectations of the world and how they started to do hard things right where they were. 

And on Tuesday, February 23rd, we're going to drive it to the top of

Alex and Brett have announced another book bomb. The last time they did this, teens all around the world came together and pushed Do Hard Things to #6 on Amazon. Now they think we can do better.

This isn't about selling a lot of books simply for money, praise, or fame. No, this is to get the revolutionary idea of "rebelling against low expectations" to as many people as possible. If we can get this book to the top of Amazon's bestselling list on the 23rd of February, many new people will notice it and be pulled into a life-changing message.

Click HERE to join the book bomb! Let's do this!


Jon M. said...

Woah, that is so awesome/exciting! I had no idea that they wrote another book... thanks for posting about it! I'm going to go check it out...

Far From Perfect said...

Thank you for spreading the word!! This is so exciting!