Sunday, June 5, 2011

On My Desk Right Now

At this very moment, I have on my desk:
-my MacBook Pro, Phoenix, taking a short break from Maya tutorials
-a black-and-white Maine Coon cat, Flower
-various writing projects (including portions of short stories, novels, and essays) printed out, stacked, and ready for editing
-my to-do list notepad
-a 0.9 mm mechanical pencil (blue)
-a pen from Northwestern College
-my Wacom Intuos4 medium pen tablet (squee!)
-a paperback copy of Dandelion Fire, by N.D. Wilson
-my zippered pencil case, filled with my precious Prismacolors, graphite and charcoal pencils
-a cream-colored spare button
-an empty Ziplock baggie
-The Complete Digital Animation Course book, by Andy Wyatt
-a Northwestern College folder, containing the list of courses I'll be taking next fall
-a printed-out email about a contest held by the Paper Wings Podcast
-a spiral-bound notebook entitled "College"
-some ripped-up pieces of a Kleenex box
-a frayed piece of hem cut from my blue jeans
-my elbows.

What's on your desk at the moment?


M. R. Pursselley said...

Well, at the moment I'm using a lap desk... so the only things on it are my laptop, my dog's paw (She thinks she's going to starve), and a sticky note with a list of my measurements on it, for ordering the dress I'll be wearing as a bridesmaid this fall.

Goldarrow said...

I have to much on my desk:
~A sewing machine
~A lamp
~Scraps of cloth
~Painters tape
~Colored Pencils
~A hair clip
~Folders of IDK what
~A wooden cat figure
~Cutting board and Ruler

and that covers most of the stuff on my desk. The rest is garbage.

Northwestern College, may I ask which one you are going to? I know of at least two, one in MN and the other in IL. I am thinking of going to a Northwestern College.

Evergreena said...

@Goldarrow - I'm going to the NWC in MN. :)