Monday, June 30, 2008

Altered Book photos

Here are those pictures I promised of my altered book! First, here are some pictures of the front and back covers:

On the first page, I have a sort of introduction- in poetry.

Here's the title page:

And last, here is a picture of my first completed two-page spread. I love traveling, and I wanted to somehow incorporate all (or most) of the places I want to learn about or visit. So I circled place names I found on the page such as France, London, India, New York, Ireland, etc... I also stitched gold thread on the right page, and a blue cord on the other page. I added a folded map of Venice and other embellishments that enhanced the feeling of world travel. It took me a long time to finish, but I had so much fun creating it that I didn't want to stop! I just kept thinking of more things to put in.

And now I'm working on the next page! I'll continue to post pictures of new pages as I complete them. So, what do you think?


DTH Rocket said...

Quite creative. Keep blogging!

DTH Rocket said...

Ahem... I said keep blogging!

Evergreena said...

Yeah, yeah, I will. I just finished a crazy week at the county fair, and spent the weeks before that preparing for it, so let me "catch my breath," so to speak, and then I'll jump back in!

(and part of the problem is that I'm not sure what to post about next... I'll think of something, just give me some time!)

Lauren said...

I came across your blog through your brothers on Aerospace, which I found on the Rebelution a while back. Great job! I am impressed with how much you write!

I also LOVE writing and hope to be officially published one day, Lord willing:)

Blessings in Christ,
Lauren Ashley

Mom said...

Hi Rachel,
I finally made my way back to your blog! So now you need to put up a new entry. :)
Did you ever respond to the gal Lauren? She seems like a fun person you'd like to know with some common interests in writing.
Have a good day.
Love, Mom