Monday, June 29, 2009

Making a Movie!

The mystery project is revealed-- We're making a movie!
I mentioned it a few months ago, but now we're actually doing it. My family is entering a short film contest at the library called "Quiet on the Set!" We started filming on Saturday, and we got lots of great footage at the library.  My mom is the main character in our film, and a friend from church agreed to be the dreamy librarian, who imagines my mom as characters in the books she checks out. So my mom got to be a scientist (hence the chemistry), a detective (wearing a trench coat), a cowgirl, and a spacewoman (what the white gloves were for)! We made the books shown in the last post, one for each of the aforementioned characters. 

We had to have one scene where all of these characters are in the same shot, so we needed a few stand-ins to pretend to be my mom. I ended up being the scientist for that scene. I don't know if I'll show up at all in the film, but it was fun anyway. :)

Honest Abe watched us the whole time. I believe he thought we were quite entertaining.

We spent four and a half hours at the library, but we still have a lot of filming to do. The finished product has to be less than five minutes, including credits and such. And the deadline to enter is July 15th, so we have less than a month to finish it. *Gulp*

Here's a picture of the cast and crew:


DTH Rocket said...

We expected it to take 2 hours, but it actually took 4 1/2! This is only a five minute film. We have a new appreciation for directors like George Lucas or Peter Jackson.

But it is a fun project and a new experience!

Hepzibah said...

Yeah! It was my first costume designing job for a movie. So Fun!

Elizabeth J. said...

That sounds very interesting. Maybe sometime you could share a movie trailer.

Evergreena said...

I would put up a trailer, but the whole movie is going to be five minutes, so I might upload the whole thing when we finish it. (That is, if I have permission from all those involved!)

Rachel Danielle said...

Hi! Thank you so much for following my blog! I'm now a follower of yours. :D I'd love to live in a treehouse in the forest...