Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun Games (Planting Chums)

4 - Four Fridays of CONNECTIONS (forging friendships)

Yes! I'm doing Planting Chums, which a fun event hosted by Hannah at Aspire!
So, the topic this week is Fun Games.

First of all, I'm not much of a game-person. I always used to cry whenever I lost Mouse Trap. (Of course, for some weird reason, I always lost). That's the one where the players spend most of the game building this incredibly intricate "trap" as you move your little plastic mouse around the board, collecting cardboard cheese. It was a fun game until the very end, when you find yourself under the basket at the end of the trap, and your opponent sets off the chain reaction with a silver marble. I remember the feeling of dread as the Rube-Goldberg-esque device teetered and tottered and flipped and spun around. If the marble fell off, or something went wrong, I was safe, but if not...
The basket fell on my poor mouse, and I was caught. GAME OVER! Muh ha ha ha!
For a seven-year-old, it was traumatic.

And SORRY! wasn't much better. You never knew when one of the other players would decide to send you back to the beginning, claiming "SORRY!" in a gloating manner. It was so frustrating to be so close to the end of the game and then end up at the start again!

And I was never very athletic, so I didn't like outdoor games like Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, or Kickball.

So what games DO I like?

For one, I adore word games, like Scrabble, and particularly Boggle.
My whole family loves Boggle. It's a word-search game that can get very competitive between my parents (who are both excellent spellers), and more recently, me and my brother.

But I think the best game for passing the time is a game that my brother and sister and I made up. We call it... THE RANDOM GAME!

Heh. It's best with two or more players who are in a random mood. In other words, silly. Here are the rules:
-the first person starts out by saying a random word,
-the next person says another random word,
-and so on.
-You can say nouns, verbs, colors, feelings, names, quotes, punch lines from inside jokes, moo like a cow, anything, as long as it's random. :)
-No repeating words,
-and if your word is related to the previous person's word, you get "booed."
-Gameplay goes on until everyone gets tired of it and decides to do something worthwhile.

Like I said, it's random. We love it.

So what games do you enjoy--- or hate? 


Rachel said...

I love word games as well. Sometimes we will play Scrabble where we will have a theme, like Christmas or the lake or cooking, and if you form a word that follows the theme you automatically get double word score.


Memzie said...

How fun and creative! What a great idea to kill time.

Marissa said...

haha your random game sounds fun! I'll have to try it with my friends. We can be extremely random sometimes =) I enjoyed visiting your blog!


DTH Rocket said...

It's fun to make up games. I used to spend hours trying to come up with Risk-style outer space board games but... somehow they always had a loophole.

Strategy games are the best. I love Chess, Risk, Stratego, and...


The antithesis of strategy.

Games said...

I really enjoy word games that's why I join this community because members share more word games I have never heard before. It was really fun.